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Packaging Reseller Program

If you are viewing this page that means you are either reseller or you like to become one of them. DOZPackaging is proud to serve small business owners like you with better tools of sourcing products and services. With our unique business model and work culture, we are proud to be there for our customers and resellers whenever they needed us.

Our number one goal is to provide better products, best prices with faster shipping while increasing profit margins to make working with DOZPackaging and achieving your business goals easy. We’re dedicated to supporting partners at all levels and helping your business grow.

The DOZPackaging Reseller Program works with special discount codes which will be assigned to our reseller's business account. When you place an order to be send to your address or to your customers address you will be using these discount codes.

Reseller Program Margins;

Because of products vary in costs and specifics, margins are also vary depends on the products, time frame and season. Discount rates are based on entire wholesale order. We keep lowest prices possible for your customers and top of that provide you with additional discounts from 5% - 25%.  As long as your customers getting low price as everyone else on our platform and you get your discounts it is a win win situation for everyone.

To become eligible for wholesale reseller program;

  • Must have an account registered on
  • Must have at least one order placed with business information and address.
  • All countries around the world are eligible to join this program but business proof and documents required. 
Please use contact form below to contact us for asking to join our wholesale reseller program or to get more information.