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About Us

DOZPackaging is a leading global packaging firm with networks of offices and affiliates in the United States, Canada, Europe and China, offering the full spectrum of packaging solutions from start to finish.

DOZPackaging is a leader in custom printing. We believe your packaging is an extension of your brand, and the best way to stand out is to customize it. Our hot stamping and production is done right here on site in Our China Factory. This means that we can get the job done the least expensive than our competition.

They say good things come in small packages. At DOZPackaging, we believe great things come in custom packages, whether they’re small cartons, large printed shipping boxes, or anything in between. With a variety of shapes, colors, materials, and sizes, we give you the tools to create something exciting on the outside, thus exciting your customers about what’s on the inside.

VISION: To be the ultimate online destination for packaging worldwide.

Ultimate Experience: From the first interaction to unboxing your products, we aim to provide the highest level of care in our services, products and solutions.

One Destination: Packaging knowledge, resources, support and products all at one central location.

Full Spectrum Packaging: Providing access to all packaging types and styles will give our customers the freedom they need to achieve their packaging goals without limitations.

Worldwide Operation: By leveraging resources, global supply networks and experienced teams worldwide, we provide the most efficient and comprehensive solutions to customers globally.

MISSION: To provide the most comprehensive and competitive packaging solutions to our customers, uniting specialized efficiencies from facilities worldwide.

Fueled by our passion for excellence while propelled forward by the momentum from our clients’ success, DOZPackaging is a globally recognized brand, representing opportunity, commitment and quality.

With the understanding that customers make purchasing decisions largely based on the product perception and appearance, we strongly believe that businesses large or small should have access to equal opportunities when marketing their products.

VALUES: The mixture of our culture & values translates into a collaborative and result-driven environment that is inspired to reach the same vision.

CUSTOMER: We dedicate every planning, strategy and improvement around the needs of our customers.

PARTNERSHIP: Partners are the backbone of our business. We trust and empower them for mutual success.

INTEGRITY: We dedicate every planning, strategy and improvement around the needs of our customers.

PASSION: We nourish and embrace our individual passion and use it as a drive to succeed in the business.

TEAMWORK: We believe that teamwork and collaboration create the synergy to achieve greater success.

EXCELLENCE: We are dedicated to put 100% to achieve our goals and objectives, otherwise, we don’t do it. As the only company that provides a custom design lab, live preview, and instant quote, we not only give you the freedom to unpack your creativity and develop your own design, but we also help you do it efficiently. And if you’re having trouble, we’re here to assist with anything from design to technical support. Please feel free to contact us with any questions and suggestions.